Fighting For Ron’s Best Interest

Just a quick note to say that Darcy is amazing. She is quick, courteous, and extremely intelligent & capable. There’s never a moment where I feel that she’s doesn’t know what she’s doing & I know she’s fighting for my best interests at all times. There were several issues with my new vehicle as it came from Carter, but she is taking all the necessary steps to ensure I am taken care of. I can’t say enough about her, and she’s the biggest reason I keep coming back to your dealership. Thank you!

– Ron Prasad

Darcy Allowed Us to Rebuild Our Credit!

Let me start off and just say the entire experience was awesome! Darcy was extremely courteous and understanding about our credit problems. We are just regular people working hard, but never really getting anywhere with rebuilding our credit. Even though I have a great career, my credit problems haunted us and no one would give us a chance. Then Darcy came into our lives and changed everything.

Honestly we thought we would go in and have to choose between a few older cars that we qualified for. We never expected in a million years we would have the chance to get a 2011. Darcy had hand picked this car because she knew we would love it. My wife was just blown away as the car was fully loaded. The greatest moment was when my wife got to ring the gong and everyone in the entire showroom clapped for us. I know this seems kind of silly to most people but my wife almost cried. In the end we got the car of our dreams and Darcy got a family of customers for life.

– Dafyd Haase

Royal Treatment Keeps Wendy Hall Coming Back

Wendy Hall is a returning customer at Langley Chrysler. She recently traded in her Cadillac (who one of Langley Chrysler’s employees now drives) for a new truck.

Wendy loves driving a truck and says she will only buy Dodge/Chrysler products. Her daughter picked out a PT Cruiser and loves the product and feels comfortable in the car.

The service she receives is what wins her over. Wendy says that she couldn’t get the help she needed at other dealerships but is going to be recommending Langley Chrysler to all her family and friends. Langley Chrysler is very kind and they treat you like a friend, said Wendy. She also went on to say that everyone, including her finance manager, Darcy Greig will treat you awesome as they are making a friend for life.

Mark Was Saved by Darcy!

What can anyone say? My credit was in a shambles, and Darcy was the only person to take the time and help me, now my credit is back on track and I am driving the car of my dreams!!

Thanks Darcy and I will for sure be seeing you again and will send all my close friends to see you!!

– Mark

Bob Young trusts Langley Auto Loans

Just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you the other day. I was the guy asking about financing for bankruptcy. I just wanted to say you are one of the smartest people I’ve dealt with pertaining to my problem, I really appreciate your insight and all of your knowledge.

Because of you I will now not only buy my vehicles from you but I will recommend all my friends and family to you as well. You were very professional and very kind…..thank you very much for helping me and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Have a great day and Merry Christmas.

– Bob Young